The Subscriber's Package


Using the results of millions of mathematical calculations, every 5 weeks Compass Investors email subscribers the HORIZON™ Action Report for the collection of mutual fund or ETF choices. The Action Report contains unbiased analysis of the mutual funds along with a Model Portfolio showing exactly which funds the HORIZON™ computer model determined are best positioned given the reality of the current financial landscape.

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The Action Report prompts review and, if necessary, a reallocation of the portfolio, empowering subscribers to take active control over their account.

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The subscriber is always in control of their investment decisions.
Whether or not they make any changes, our research proves
a regular cycle of
active review leads to far superior results.

Our straightforward process takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

  1. Sign on to the HORIZON™ website to view the current HORIZON™ Action Report.
  2. Review the analysis and Model Portfolio allocations to determine what reallocations, if any, to make.
  3. Enter current balances into the provided Excel Reallocation Worksheet. The Worksheet then provides the buy/sell/exchange instructions needed to rebalance the portfolio.
  4. Use the easy-to-follow Reallocation Process Document and your portfolio account website (or call customer service) to reallocate.