Prospecting Without Pain™


Not every American worker has an investment portfolio, but an enormous number of them have a 401(k), and they’re not performing too well—so poorly, in fact, that more pronouncements of how “unready” Americans are for retirement appear every day. Plan participants defaulted into target-date funds (TDFs) might hope to make 5-8% return during their working years, and those trying to go it alone are averaging a miserable -2 to 5%.

Considering this enormous potential market of employee plan retirement investors in trouble, being able to offer them a proven, effective tool to markedly improve their investment returns would be tremendously profitable to financial advisors who could pull it off.

Compass Investors, LLC, has the product to help you do it.

It’s called HORIZON™ -- a research and analysis service marketed by Compass since 2003 to hundreds of 401(k) participants at several dozen companies and institutions in the US who fall into the estimated 43% of plan participants who are looking for a more active, hands-on approach to growing and protecting their retirement savings. Audited back-tests of its Adaptive Asset Allocation™ (AAA) strategy show true investment return averaging well above 12% per year since 1997.

As Jason Zweig wrote in his “Intelligent Investor” column in the Wall Street Journal (9/7/13), “There seems to be little doubt about how well subscribers to the 401(k) trading service from Compass Investors in Kenilworth, Ill., have fared.”

Currently, HORIZON™ is marketed to individuals directly, supplying them with detailed reports tailored to their specific set of fund choices in their 401(k) or IRA, every five weeks. I have personally used HORIZON™ for my own 401(k) over the last two years. Easy-to-use instructions allow clients to make allocation adjustments that keep the account aligned with the market—not balanced or hedged against it—to maximize growth and minimize loss.

A subscription costs the client $600 a year ($300 if they’re just starting out), which can be canceled at any time—with an industry-first money-back guarantee if the client’s actual performance does not meet HORIZON™’s benchmarks.

With plans tailored to products at Fidelity, Vanguard, Franklin Templeton, American Funds and many more (coming soon: ETFs at Charles Schwab), Compass Investors’ HORIZON™ service can offer financial advisors an enormous advantage. Their history of superior performance, low price, money-back guarantee, and ease of use, all give you a serious edge prospecting at companies who were never in play before.